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Uninstall Mac Programs

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How can Uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 on Mac

Uninstall a program on a Mac seems like much easier than remove in a computer with Windows system, but uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 is often a problem for many people, for the proper way to remove the program on Mac, please see the detailed instructions below.

Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 is a third party application that contribute special features and functions to the Mac computer, although it can be beneficial for the effective and convenient use of your PC, removing it on the computer is often very frustrating for many people, and the most common problem is the incomplete removal, which is specially important if you need to re-install the program just after the removal, because the new one will not be installed as the computer detect that you have been had the program installed on your PC. And thoroughly removing an application is also good for decreasing the chances of getting system problems.

So how to remove the application on a Mac computer? There are two methods here available for you to choose, one will take you much time and effort to complete it manually, and another one will be much easier and faster to conduct the removal for people.

Two available ways to uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1

One way - remove it on your Mac manually

It is a very simple step to uninstall a program on Mac OS while comparing to the program in Windows operating system, and people just need to drag the program file to the Trash, the removing process will start, and one can choose to empty the Trash if you think that you don't need to recover the uninstalled program.

Details about how to uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 manually on Mac:

Open the Applications folder, find out the Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 program you need to uninstall, drag the file name to the Trash, the complete the removal

Note: some programs can be found on the desktop, so you can drag it from the desktop to the Trash. However, this removing method usually can help to uninstall the core process, there are often some preference files, Kernel Extensions and hidden files still leaving on the computer. If you want to clean those leftovers completely, additional manual removal is necessary.

Find out and clean leftovers

There are two Library locations on the Mac OS and both are used to stores preferences and supporting files of installed program, and a removed program often leave some of its files on these two locations. Therefore, to completely remove Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1, it is necessary to delete its associated items in the Library:

  • /Library
  • /Library/Application Support

To open the Library folder, you can hold the "Option" key and clicking the "Go" menu, then look for any files with the program's name or developer's name and delete it. If you are not sure which files are belonging to the Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 program, you can do a Google search about its components. And you also need to check the User Library in the Home Folder ~/Library.

Besides the leaving preferences files, the kernel extensions are also possible staying on the computer, so you also need to go to the location "/System/Library/Extensions " and remove any extensions with the name or vendor of the program.

Check how to stop a program running at the background on Mac:

Two way - remove with a professional uninstaller

If you are not sure you can find and clean all the reference files and kernel extensions, or don't want to take much of time in finding and deleting its associated components manually. Applying a third party uninstall tool is a good choice for you to uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1.

As for many people with limited computer knowledge and experience, it is not an easy task to find out all of related remnant files especially those hiding on the Mac computer, and people are not sure they can remove all of leftovers at every time they uninstall a program. Moreover, it is very possible for people removing a wrong file or extension by mistakes, which will cause other problems on the related application.

Based on the disadvantage of program removal on Mac OS, many technology or computer corporations develop and release specific uninstall tools available online, which claim to help the Mac users to manage program removal more easily and effectively. Osx Uninstaller is such an application that specialized in cleaning any installed applications, stubborn or complex, this is not a removing problem for that it will automatically remove the core process, and then scan and remove all of lingering preference files on the computer.

  • Install and open Osx Uninstaller on your Mac computer Select Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 program on the interface, click on "Run Analysis"
  • Click "Complete Uninstall" button on the next step
  • You will receive a message which states that "Are you sure want to remove Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1?", click "Yes"
  • Then a new window will display to inform you that you have been uninstalled Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 successfully.

No matter you need to uninstall Kensington Wireless Desktop 1.8r1 or other installed program on your Mac computer, both two removing ways are available for complete the removal. if you are familiar with the computer structure and operation, you can choose to uninstall in the first way, if you are just a common computer user, however, it is suggested to apply a professional uninstall tool to take responsible for the program removal.